Validity fingerprint sensor 06cb:009a on Lenovo X1 Carbon running EndeavourOS

This is really a follow up post to my previous one about getting the fingerprint sensor working correctly on my Lenovo X1 Carbon under Fedora, but as I like to switch my work laptop around, I’m now running EndeavourOS, based off Arch.

Arch actually have on their wiki some quite comprehensive details on various laptops, including my Lenovo X1

Doing this on Endeavour was actually easier than in Fedora and really just consisted of a couple of steps, install the Python Validity drivers from the AUR repo, then enable them and reset the firmware.

$ yay -S python-validity
$ sudo validity-sensors-firmware
$ sudo python3 /usr/share/python-validity/playground/

After that it was a straightforward enrollment of my fingerprints

$ fprintd-enroll -f right-index-finger
$ fprintd-enroll -f left-index-finger

After that, it was just a case of checking that fingerprint login is enabled in settings under the user section.